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We grow our garlic and shallots all naturally without the use of chemicals or herbicides.  The garlic will come in a 1 lb. mesh bag.  It is not treated- like some grocery store garlic, so you can replant this and use it as seed garlic.


Fresh Hardneck Garlic 1# for $15.50

Hardneck garlic has a stem in the center and larger cloves than the typical softneck garlic (what is sold in stores).  A nice spice and potent flavor.  It will last for at least one month in a cool, dry pantry or cupboard.  


Elephant Garlic 1 1/2# for $15.50

Elephant Garlic is actually a cross between leeks and garlic giving it beautifully large cloves and a more mild flavor. 


Shallots $15.50 for 2 lbs.

French Red Shallots

Fresh Garlic and Shallots

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