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We grow lots of garlic- it is one of our main staples.  Our garlic braids are hand made by Kelly with garlic and flowers all grown on our farm.  The braids include 10-15 bulbs of garlic (around ~2 lbs), flowers and herbs.

The braids can hang in your kitchen and will last for up to 6 months if you want to clip and eat the garlic.   If you're preserving the braid as a decor, it will last indefinitely!  The garlic will dry out and leave the shell behind keeping the same looks for years to come.


Available for pick up ONLY from the farm or the Downtown Vancouver Farmers Market.

Garlic Braids

  • Choose which braid you would like by letting us know which number *see photos.

  • We are currently offering pick up at our farm in Vancouver, WA or at our booth at the Downtown Vancouver Farmers Market (when available).

    For item orders over $100 please contact us and we can work out a shipping quote for you.  Thank you for supporting locally grown!

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