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Welcome to Flat Tack Farm!

Providing our local community with produce as fresh as if you picked it yourself.

Picture of farmer Kelly and Patrick harvesting garlic

Our Story

What we're about:

Flat Tack Farm is run on the hope for a healthier future, a love of delicious and nutritious food, and a desire to create a farm that gives back more to the earth than it is taking away. 

Our names are Kelly and Patrick and we started farming because we were tired of the bland, boring standard produce in stores and sick of it going bad a couple days after bringing it home. 


We wanted more options to add flavor and nutrition to home cooked meals and wanted to truly connect with our food and where it comes from. 


Much of our inspiration comes from watching the seasons change and capturing the flavors, colors, and scents that the farm provides. 


Our way of giving back to the earth and our community is by responsibly growing and raising food that is harvested at the peak of ripeness. 


It has so much more flavor and nutrition and has a much smaller carbon footprint than the average grocery store item that has traveled and average of 1500 miles to get to you. 

Are you ready to take control of your farm to table journey?!

We invite you to join our farm family and experience the seasonal bounty for you and your family.

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