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"Farm Bucks" are pre-paid credits that can be used at our farm stand and Farmers Market Booth throughout the season.  It offers the most flexibility for those that travel during the summer or would like to choose their own items.  You get to choose exactly what you want to buy from our farm stand.  This is then deducted from your “tab” for the season. 


You can pick up your produce from our booth at the Downtown Vancouver Farmers Market every weekend from May through October (our farmers market schedule and location will be emailed to members in April).  You can also pick up produce from Flat Tack Farm at the self – serve farm stand fridge that can be visited daily from 8 am - 5 pm.

Farm Bucks

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  • *Farm Bucks can also be used for Farm to Table Dinners, events and specialty products that we sell.

    *Your Farm Bucks tab must be used before the end of the season; we cannot “roll” it over to next season because of tax and budgeting complications.  But don’t worry, fall will offer a cornucopia of produce to choose from and you can always share the wealth!  In the event that you have left over credit on your tab at the end of the year, you can elect to either have that amount go to the scholarship fund or for an equivalent amount to be donated to the food bank.

    *Once you are a member you can refill your Farm Bucks at any time by purchasing another voucher on our website, from the farm stand, or from the Farmer’s Market (in $50 increments) before September 1st. 

    *You may designate other people to use your Farm Bucks so anyone you name can pick up produce.

    *If for any reason you’re not happy with your membership, please reach out to us.  We work hard to grow for you!  Refunds for Farm Bucks are available before August 31st minus the value already spent. 

  • Save 3% by paying Cash/Check directly to Farm:

    Use Promo Code: OFFLINE-3

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