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I have been using Flat Tack Farm in professional kitchens for a while now, and they just keep growing and becoming better and better! The variety and quality is so good, it inspires me to create different dishes that I never could before. Great people who grow great produce, so please do yourself a favor go check them out!

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LeeAnne Klagge
LeeAnne Klagge
Jul 22, 2023

The awesome couple who run this farm are very kind and generous people. I’ve always loved their produce, so when I saw they were hosting a lavender wreath workshop, I couldn’t wait to visit the farm. It’s clearly a labor of love and the workshop was the perfect combination of relaxing and getting to do hands on creativity - the most therapeutic day I’ve had in weeks. I seriously couldn’t recommend them more. Thank you so much Flat Tack! ❤️


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