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Give a special gift to those you love!  Choose from a selection of hand made and farm grown items like: 

-Lavender Scent Sachet

-Goats Milk Soap

-Bath Salt- Lavender or Breathe Deep

-Body Butter- Lemongrass or Lavender

-Hot Sauce *See hot sauce page for list

-Garlic Kraut

-Chili Salt and Seasoning Mixes*See salt and seasoning page for list

-Freeze Dried Fruit (Apples, Pears, or Nashi Pears)

-Preserves (Cape Gooseberry and Guava Jam)

-Tea Mixes and dried herbs

-Black Garlic

-Black Garlic infused Balsalmic Vinegar

-Dried Lavender Bouquet or Everlasting Bouquets


Customize the basket to your liking and schedule to pick up at the farm or the farmers market.

Gift Basket

  • Small gift basket:  Choose 5 items from the list

    Medium Gift Basket :  Choose 7 Items from the list

    Large Gift Basket:  Choose 10 items from the list

    After purchasing we will email you a full list of available items you can choose from.  OR- Specify what you'd like in the comments section at check out.

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