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Add on some nutrient packed microgreens! Our microgreens are grown in organic soil mix and harvested fresh for you.


We offer a mix of the following varieties: Sunflower or Pea Shoots, Spicy Brassica Mix, Purple Kohlrabi, Leeks, Beets and Radish Microgreens. 



Microgreens are essentially "baby" veggies, harvested at a very young stage after "sprouts" but before "baby greens". They are packed with micro/macro nutrients and protein. A perfect option to boost your daily diet. We will also rotate in "MicroBling" edible flower petals mixed into microgreens to create a colorful, edible mix.


Large shares are typically 2 varieties each delivery- sunflower or peas and one other variety.  Small Shares are typically only one variety each delivery and rotated week to week.


  • You can choose from a regular ~2-3 oz. share ($10.50 weekly) delivered weekly or bi-weekly or a large size 1/2 lb mix ($25.75 weekly) delivered weekly or bi- weekly.

    The microgreens add on can be purchased with either a CSA subscription or Farm Bucks. If adding on to Farm Bucks, please make sure to email us which pick up site you would like us to deliver to: The Farm or the Downtown Vancouver Farmers Market. Microgreens will be available when farm CSA pick up opens for the season (typically at the end of May/beginning of June through the end of October).

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