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Grab a dozen free- range and pastured chicken eggs to Add onto your Produce Membership.  Weekly or bi-weekly delivery.  Cost is $9 / dozen


We feed our chickens a corn and soy free, local feed and supplement their diet with lots of farm fresh veggies and fruit.  They are rotated on pasture all year long and have lots of access to grass and space to roam.  Raised in collaboration with Sprout and Blossom Farm.


*For details on different options and how to check out please click the How it Works info section on right hand side of screen.

Pastured Chicken Eggs-Membership

  • You'll pick up a dozen chicken eggs in a re-usable blue plastic egg carton with your share.  There is a $5 charge for the carton and you'll need to exchange/return the carton each week when you pick up your next egg share. 

    Lost or missing cartons will incur an additional $5 fee.


    The Summer Egg Membership starts on June 1st and ends October 30th. 

    -Bi-Weekly option is 10 dozen eggs delivered every other week.

    -Weekly option is 20 dozen eggs delivered every week.


    Pick up Days / Locations:

    -Farm and SE Portland pick up is on Wednesdays

    -Vancouver Farmers Market pick up is on Saturdays


    To Select this Option and Check Out:

    -Click the Frequency drop down menu and select either Bi-weekly or Weekly Delivery

    -Then click add to cart


  • Pre-Order your eggs from our online store and pick them up at the farm or our Farmers Market Booth in downtown Vancouver (When Open***typically June-October).

    To order for a ONE TIME pick up PLEASE CLICK HERE

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